Daniel Arrasmtih Peterson Photography

Our family's memories..

Hello and welcome to the visual journal of our life experiences.  I am a guy with too many hobbies to count, but I have always had a passion for photography since a very young age.

My first camera was this vintage Kodak Duoflex II  that I held with great care while vacationing with my grandparents in Estes Park, CO back in the early 70s.   Over time, I was able to save enough money for a Canon AT-1, my first 35mm fully manual film camera, and in high school, I set up my own darkroom in my family's one and only bathroom. 

Over time, I reluctantly left the film world for digital and haven't looked back.   While I still enjoy playing with some old vintage lenses adapted to my digital camera, I have embraced the vast opportunities digital photography has provided and I am currently using a Nikon D-850 DSLR as my main camera and a FujiFilm X-100v for travel and street photography. 

I am a novice at best since I am still working full-time as a physician, but I will always be seen capturing our passions, adventures, and all aspects of our crazy life in photography.

Feel free to learn more about our adventures in our PETERBURN BLOG.

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